Predator Realm, the corrupt community.


Hey, weren’t you the kid who scammed $35 from me with a broken BaseWars back when I was still retarded?

If I recall you just deleted the items that didn’t work.

[editline]20th June 2014[/editline]

You told me to pay you as family in PayPal before I knew what it did because you didn’t want me to charge back over your shitty broken code.

Oh come on… This is a corruption case? Let me show you something. This is a corruption case! Formatted, refined, and actual evidence.

Real whistleblowers actually have evidence, and make a cool case about it. You are just making ignorant rants and bickerings.

You have an anecdote for everything, Joe

Just like Dr Rockso, I have done it all.

Well, I’m a Senior Administrator there and he is basically just raging because his friend got demoted for abusing.

This led to him leaving and he decided that he still had the same authority as previously, however he did not.

tl;dr - He’s mad that his friend got demoted.

PS - The DDoS shit (with Martin) had basically no evidence, and those whom actually DDoSed were demoted and banned until they apologized, after apologizing they were unbanned however completely banned from the staff (these were staff members inflicting the attack(s))

Due to Marcus banning me on the forums im glad you posted here, Im guessing he banned me for posting this.

The community is on a decline in quality, I always loved the players and most of the admins, Yes i was very pissed off for what happend and will remain moderately angry until something real happens.

Its good that what happend did happen, i’m not longer sitting on my ass playing games for 6 hours a day, like i used to.

Im moving on from this all now, probably better if i live a proper life rather than one in front of a screen.

Best of luck to most of you, sorry for my childish rage but i am still a young person :slight_smile:

Too much community drama here on facepunch… Discuss it on the servers forum.

I know, right? These community drama threads keep popping up lately and unless your comm is extremely well known, i.e Cloud Sixteen, HellGamers level of popularity, then I doubt anyone here really cares, to be honest.

Like, no one is forcing you to play on these servers, I hope people know that. There’s nothing to stop you from just moving on and playing elsewhere.

The problem with people staying with communities is usually all about a key person that they look up to / are good friends with. As soon as such a key person leaves, loads of people leave. I’ve seen it in my own community when I left, but also in other communities. They’re basically dead, and if you ask one of the members why they are still there, the usual response you get is “Because my friends are here” or “I don’t have anywhere else to go”.

And another cause obviously is the fact that people don’t want to start as a regular user on another server while they have admin on the shit community they are currently in.

Power > Quality of the community, according to loads.


I am currently an Administrator on Predatorrealm, firstly I’d like to start off by saying what he Is doing Is trying to center this around him, when really what happened did not concern him, I don’t see how by posting this on facepunch and creating drama and pointless threads here will achieve anything, about 1 hour ago you messaged me saying, " I have to delete you, I cannot be a part of anyone or anything predator realm" that really sounded childish and I think this whole situation Is very child like since It has already been dealt with and resolved, posting a complain about a community here shall achieve nothing.



But its often very entertaining to read.