Predator (Scenebuild, GM_Construct)

Messing around with effects again.


So yeah. C&C?

The rim-lightning is a bit extreme but the scenebuild is fucking awesome.

Also the light of the tri-beam from the predator’s sight is cool.


And I forgot, the sun beams and the editing on the jungle is ace too.

He looks pretty small.

The tree is big.

Ok, that sounded like a bad excuse, but it’s true.

The leaves are massive too.

Well, I didn’t have any other big jungle tree models.

Havent you seen a jungle in TV or real life?

Leaves can be quite big, example:


Inner glow ruins it :confused:

Other than, epic.

Inner glow?

Also, updated the OP with better rim-lighting.

Hm, Looked to me like inner glow, w/e.

The rimlighting is better on the tree now, but on the predator it is still too strong.

Aw. Damn. Fixing again.


Better now?

Looks fucking awesome, I’m just imagining the sounds of the jungle in my head with this pic

Oh god I came. I don’t get it how you make these incredible scene builds.

I wanted to do something similar, had everything set up already, idea, models, props… but I have to rethink everything again because your picture looks much better than what I had in mind :v:

soon…so soon
new and better models will be available…

Damn those low-res Predator models, Also Avp3 will be good, Especially the FACE HUGGA!!!

The rim-lighting is really dumb but the rest is awesome.

Fantastic scene build

Now how the hell…

I’m not gonna complain about the rimlighting. Nice job.