Predator Shoulder-cannon (Hair dryer) effect

Purely work in progress, i can’t seem to get this looking like it should. The shot itself doesn’t seem to have any depth to it and i swear it’s the wrong colour.

Here is a second version which i focused more on the shape of it

(tried to forget about shading and focus purely on the blast itself)

The only reference image i could find was

( Forget about the three red dots, for 1, the place they originate is behind hair so i couldn’t be bothered and 2, it’s about the blast! :smiley: )

Here is the original if anyone else wants to play around with it

for the colouring of the shot, and it’s an impact too so that doesn’t help.
Does anyone have any tips on how to create the effect a little more effectively? :v:

It’s a nice try, but something seems off about it. That source wasn’t the best, but you really did work well with what you had.

The first one has a little funky form if you ask me, the second one looks a bit too wide. Just my two cents though.

Personally I prefer the first one. I’m not entirely sure the second one if following the direction of the barrel correctly.

Yeah i would have paused the scenes in AVP 1 or 2 if i didn’t sell them on…

Could you not take a screenshot of the new AVP demo and use that as a reference?

I can barely run it on 800*600 res at minimum D:

They both look pretty good, the first looks like it could be a muzzleflash and the second looks like it could be the actually projectile.

I’m going with the first one, it has more of the particle-effect.

I like the second one more, seems more concentrated and more like the one in the movie. How did you go about making that effect?

This is closer.

It fires as a single bolt with a load of blue glowy particles trailing behind it.