Predator Stab [Blood Test!]

Meh, It’s not as good as I wanted it to be. Is there a way to get jpg quality higher?

It’s just my first blood test. Any advice? I’m new to editing.

ummmmmmm… was he aiming his gun at something if not then try and make it down or aiming down (first post or something)


Tad blurry and the JPEG quality is quite bad.

To change the JPEG quality you go on Options on the Q menu thingie and there is a tab named settings or something which a bar that says “JPEG Quality”, just put it on 100.

There is also a console command for that but I dont remember it.

The posing is abit stiff and the picture is bland, the angle doesnt help either.

Tried to pose as best as I can, It’s a HL2 rig, it’s hard to pose with.

He looks pretty happy about getting stabbed.

too bright blood
and too much bloom and blurry picture

He is pointing his gun at a monkey.