Predator stabbing some zombie dude.

yeah what.
thread music

Probably some errors with the blood i’m too tired and lazy to redo them though.

I’ll probably make a series of Pred v Zombie pics. So hit me up with any ideas.

That’s a little overkill, don’t you think? I mean it really only takes like 2 pistol bullets to kill them.

Nice picture, my good sir

The blood is too red and not transparent enough, shading is good, DoF is bad (set the spacing node to 8).

Good picture overall, but you’ve done much better.

Well. This Predator is a youngblood so he only has the arm blades.
Thank you.

I agree with you about the blood. It was my first try though :p.
Thanks :slight_smile:

why did i put that song in the op?

I don’t like the blur in the back but I can deal with it. Nice picture overall. Would love to see more Predator/Alien with Zombies pics.


oho :v:
well theres a few coming up ;D