Predator visor

I like it. I sence alot of people coming and screaming filter rape tho.

Also, for some reason i was trying to scroll to the right… I thought the pic was bigger for a second.


The heat areas are a bit messed up, the mouth should be hottest, and some parts of the suits shouldn’t be so hot(Like the shoulders).

Best predator vision edit Ive ever seen, well done.

they’ve been playing predator 2 on G4 for a while…looks a lot less crappier then in the movie…more sharp…i like it

The heat vision is pretty meh to be honest. You seem to have just used shading instead of heat vision, which just makes it look odd.

My only qualm is that the Pred’s vision is too… cinematic an angle.

Something like that. He’s too close, really. Otherwise, good edit.

You know, theres no white on them…the human body should have a white spot somewhere in the hands or something.

The actual edit is pretty decent, but it’s awkward to think that the predator is standing so damn close to the soldiers. Judging by the FOV, he’s got to be like 5 feet away. Or less, he might be laying on the hood of the car.

You didn’t think, that the predator’s visor can zoom the image?

I would have thought that, if the FOV was different. But it’s not.