Predators - eating each other including you

I wanted to confirm something that happened today. Partially related to a sign causing my client to crash (yes Gary I think you owe me some Urban clothing,C4, and my BAR).

I was running towards a new house and as I got close I saw a bear and a wolf. I started to stock the bear and ran towards the house. I got stuck/crashed due to the sign related bug and when I came back into the game my body and all was gone.

I wanted to confirm that when attacked by a Predator (Bear/Wolf) they eat my body and all my loot is lost correct?

I tried confirm this by killing a bear near a wolf and witness the wolf eating the bear.

its cool but the bug with signs cost me a LOT of resource/work.

Yes, the predators will eat you. The loot you’re carrying will drop on the ground and despawn in its normal time frame.

I had something similar happen a couple of days ago. Crashed as a wolf was attacking me near a house with a sign. By the time my friend got to my body, all that was left was loot all over the ground. As he was looting, another wolf attacked him, he moved into range of the sign, crashed and also died and his body was eaten. When we made it back to the site, everything had despawned.

Yes. I have witnessed a dog going to town on a dead newman. After a bit of time, the body disappeared and a few bags popped out where the body was previously.

I got killed by a wolf and ran back and found my body intact and the wolf farther away. It appears they don’t always eat you. Maybe they get full?

maybe if you were alive for too Long without touching water your bad bodysmell will stop them from eating you XD

ahh the old “render a sign crash your screen while being eaten alive by a wolf”. happend to all of us.

Yes, wolves/bears do completely eat your body, dropping your loot/bags in the normal way, and yes, you do sometimes get lucky, and they move on before destroying your body. (Not sure why, I think it’s more likely that another “moving target” attracts their attention, rather than they are full up).

My game frequently freezes as I am fighting a bear or wolf, and I have to restart Rust, by which time I’m dead and my body is no more … happens to me about 3x a day … grrrr!