Predict how many dev blogs there will be in the end

So like, I really want to start playing legit on the new rust but I can’t stop wondering how many more dev blogs it will take to have the game fully developed. I think 12 more dev blogs just because I’m mad on how long it’s taking.

If you think Rust is going to be finished in three months, expect to be extremely disappointed at the end of summer.

Go and play other games that are actually fun. I’m not even being a troll, this is completely serious. Rust will be here when you get back. Getting impatient and mad isn’t going to change fuck all and it’s only going to upset you for no reason, and bitching about being impatient can only bring bad things here.

Play other things in your Steam library and take a month or two off Rust, and then check in and mess around on experimental to see what’s happening. By then, I imagine at least some degree of building will be usable, so there’ll be something to play with that’ll seem like real progress.

I got a key to Rust months before it went on Steam, and I’ve been watching Rust’s development for a whole year. Do you see me pitching a fit? Grow up and learn some patience.

Rust makes the term “Alpha” look bad, just my opinion. I hope other alpha games don’t follow the same fate as this one.

insert comment about rust being updated when HL3 is released here

For example, a friend of mine was shocked when he heard that H1Z1 is pre-alpha. He is basically afraid of an alpha game pulling a rust, which is not update in over 3 months.

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This game may have paranoid some people lol

i’d say another month until it becomes twice as good, end of summer we will see the new branch as default

ummm alpha as in not even in beta yet alpha is generally the only just playable version

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rust has been updating just on a different branch theyre working on making the code more maintainable which will make updates progress even quicker

See also: Nether, DayZ.

New meta, release new survival games in alpha.

probably never they will just bs everything and never implement it.

There used to be a time where the only way you could test a product and provide feedback directly to the developers was if you filled out an application, notarized a few NDA’s and waited about a year or two for the said product to reach a healthy beta milestone.

So early access setups are not your thing. That’s fine, nothing wrong with that. Just keep in mind that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I looked at the product, did a bit of research, followed what the developers were doing specifically what they had planned in the long term and made my decision to help support the company by purchasing this product in advance so I could partake upon it’s development cycle.

You on the other hand appear to have made an impulse purchase. Perhaps you should have done a bit of research.

How about you children take some classes on game design/development before you talk out of your ass on here.

If you want to know why it’s taking Rust so long it’s because of this.

Rust was a game that was purchased through Unity’s asset store. Everything we have been playing on was bought. Already made with animations and coding. Rust is now trying to create their own game and coding from what they purchased.

If you don’t believe me. I will give you some examples

Original Rocks used!/content/13568

Animals that are still used!/content/4990

There’s a couple so you get the idea. This is why the game came out so fast and then now nothing. So please stop making these threads. At least now they are trying to make their own game

Patently false, Rust is updating everyday, only the lagacy branch isn’t changing.

That said, I hope it is making you and your fiend paranoid because you clearly are not okay with the concept of participating in a game’s development. Nothing wrong with that but in the future if you don’t like how this is going I’d suggest avoiding early access games altogether because this is how it looks.

With early access you are acting as a producer, supplying the funds to create a product, exactly as you might pay money to support a movie project on kickstarter. With games you have the extra benefit of toying around with the product before it’s complete. Watching bits and pieces of a movie as they are filmed would not be nearly so rewarding, they have to just wait, maybe get an early screening when it’s done.

Another element of this is risk. A completed game often costs in the range of $60. However buying a completed game has very little risk, it’s already developed, you can research the final product and read reviews and there’s no risk you’re buying nothing. Similarly the company that produced the game would have been very careful in choosing to support a title with potential wide appeal. In early access you pay far less in money because part of your payment is in risk, there’s a chance the project will never be completed, there’s a chance it’ll develop into something you hate, there’s a chance you’ll die tomorrow and never play the finished product, etc. As a major benefit you can also in this model fund projects that larger companies would never have funded, seeing them as unwise or speculative investments.

Investment isn’t for everyone, if you only want to play finished games, avoid early access in the future and especially alpha builds. But please try to understand that the economics of this development system is one of the best things that has happened to gaming, we will all benefit as a result.

Not everything was pre-coded; I could point you to no less than a hundred separate references from the past year to code the devs produced or fixed that wasn’t premade modules off of the asset store.

They were using a significant amount of placeholder content, yes, but to talk as if we were playing with a completely premade action figure playset and now we’re actually seeing the real game get made is to deeply misrepresent the situation and imply massive fraud and false advertising on Garry’s part. :v:

The old version of Rust was in development for most of a year before it hit Steam. The devs decided that it was too broken to get into shape in any reasonable timeframe, so they started over instead.

I have been a part of Rust since the closed beta. When there were things like this!/content/10 on the map to drive around.

And when your character was this!/content/122

90% of this game was purchased and slapped together.

the assets were there, but the logic/programming wasn’t?

bro i’ve had a rust key so long it’s rusted

You think Rust has a lot of Logic involved?? wow kid, you are easy to please.

And that rust key was a bad joke.

The Dunning-Kruger Effect, ladies and gentlemen.

Sorry I can grasp this simple coding very easily. But the D-K effect are you implying that I “dumb” down what I’m speaking about so others can keep up?

Demonstrated once again.

The Dunning-Kruger Effect is the name for the phenomenon where a person thinks they know a lot more than they actually do about something. Simply put, you don’t know enough about game development to understand how ignorant you are about the topic of game development, and so you speak with the confidence of an expert despite not knowing fuck one about what you’re talking about.

And it’s blatantly obvious. :v: