Predictions for the next update?

What are your thoughts on when the new update will drop and what will be in it? I’m thinking (hoping) that it’ll hit tomorrow, with the new UI implemented and maybe a bugfix or two, specifically the airdrop bug.


*Obviously *this isn’t a post saying, “hurry up admins, fix teh gamez, why iz ur alpha gamez not perfectz yet, etc etc,” I’m just asking what people are thinking/predicting for the next update. I would and will lick Garry’s anus any day of the week, (:wink:) and all you haters who don’t get how game development works should stop posting on the forums and maybe just stfu irl.


That disclaimer was not necessary and makes you sound like a little asshole.

Anyways, I think there will be some bug fixes, most likely the airdrop bug and maybe a few tweaks to gameplay as well as a couple of new things implemented.

Please forgive me for being absolutely sick and tired of people bitching about bugs in an alpha game, as if they never read the alpha disclaimer. Just an attempt at some bitter humor, but I appreciate your speculation.

increase penis size

dont think thats what they mean when they say they want to add girth to the gameplay

removing barrier climbing

i expect smth mind-blowing, kept in secret from players and suddenly introduced to us, making gameplay
a way too cool. blame my intuition if this wont happen

I don’t think he sounds like an asshole, at least he explains himself.
You’d be surprised how many people really just don’t understand how the development process works and think that they’re entitled to telling the devs what to do because they paid $20.

Anyways, I’d assume the new GUI since I think that’s kind of their main focus right now. Obviously some bug fixes, airdrops, hopefully foundations.

I guess we’ll have to see.

I think we will have some new content, like the addition of 2 or 3 items, new GUI and bug fixes like barricade + pillar exploit and airdrops.

But I really hope we will have some big surprise like a new event (helicopter?) or something like that.

I feel that bases will be even more spread out when farming is introduced since the threat of starvation will be lessened.

I am VERY stoked for the prospect of farming.

Next update will be after the weekend.
It will either be a small bug fix update which could be on friday or it will be the new ui but probably next week if its that.
There wont be any new content until the ui is released I think whih is good.

just new items and some has already been confirmed,like berries and bear meat.I seen berries and the new types of meat today.So guessing the new update will be tomorrow:dance:

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Those have not been really confirmed:

The thread you linked has this quote in it as well.

I think if they spent there time putting in berries and spoiled chicken in the next patch and didn’t add anything else, this game has no hope

i think a new enemy like millitary or dinosaurs but mot of all fixes for the game

Well the new GUI will likely be part of it…

I would love to see stone buildings and maybe cement or mortar based objects. Then we can build better castles and have nice farms.

ok now thats sexy

To be honest the old ui looked way better than that