Prefered Dedicated Server Hosting?

Hey guys,

Curious if anyone had recommendations for hosting a 40 player server (going to make it into a bunny hop server) and host a website from it.

Do any of you have recommendations?

Places I’ve tried:

Looking for :
Quad Core 2.4ghz+
1GB Line
Fast Uplink
500GB+ Storage
Very high or no limit on bandwidth usage.

Any recommendations I appreciate!

Where do you want it located?

Ah, totally forgot to add that.

Central United States is the best.

Well you said that you only needed one server, why not just get a dual core?

Which would you guys prefer? I don’t have much experience, I just assumed the more resources available, the less issues the server would have.

I’ve used in the past and they’ve been great.

Have great experience with them.