Just curious what peoples preferences are, and why.

First one being FastDL vs Workshop

Do you typically have your server content distributes via workshop collections/addons for models, materials, etc.


Second one being Addons vs Separated/Spread out

By this I mean, do you add new stuff as an /addons/folder or do you spread it out (in /lua, /sounds, /models, /materials, etc)


Personally it depends on the server that I’m running, with TTT I’ll use FastDL for literally everything as the workshop tends to be annoying and takes people longer to load map switches etc. With other servers (like Nutscript RP Schemas) I’ll typically use Workshop for everything.

Again I prefer using Addons folder instead of spreading the files out due to simplicity of seeing what each addon is using (so if you’re removing an addon you don’t need to go find what models/materials/etc the addons using)

It’s that FastDL constantly opens a new connection for every file that is being downloaded. That’s just HTTP. WorkshopDL downloads a compressed file (or multiple compressed files) that have more than just one file in them. You only have to make 1 connection per file, 1 DNS lookup per file, etc, so it speeds up the entire thing in general. However, I like FastDL more as WorkshopDL annoys me. You have to compile a .gma just for your server’s content. But also the fact that if I decide to use 9 models from the M9K pack (at least 1 from all 4), I need to have my users download ALL those weapons while I only use 9. That way it’s more efficient to use FastDL, plus the fact that I can make it as fast as I want.

And it’s always better to throw your stuff into an addon rather than in the seperate folders. You can group things, you know where to find what you need, nothing is over the place. Seems like a really easy choice if you ask me.