PrefixText OOC not displaying.

Hi all,

I have a dedicated server with the DarkRP gamemode installed however, it would appear when a player does /ooc, /me or /ad the actual tag for this doesn’t appear in the chatbox.

When a player does /ooc all we see displayed is “Rainbow: Hello”.

I have no chat addons installed and I do not have ULX CustomCommands installed either.

I’ve been through my addons, Data and gamemode folders to try and find any files that may be overriding the prefixtext commands however I’m pretty stuck now.

Any help would be massively appreciated.


I’ve been through every single lua and finally found the issue and it was rather stupid of me.

There was nothing in the server files at all which is where I was correct however I stupidly forgot I had cTags added to my server workshop collection. I removed it from my collection and everything works okay again now.

So a lesson to learn is always check your servers collection FIRST. lol.

Close this thread please.