Pregnant Jill valentine

Hi guys!! ^.^

Can somebody ragdoll this for me please? I don’t have anything to offer I’m sorry…

I heard it was possible to get xna lara models!

I would like the 2nd and 3rd stages of pregnancy please thanks in advance!

you could do this to any existing ragdoll just by adding a morph target… the source engine is pretty flexible, in that it’ll adapt any target to your model

This is pretty odd, I’ve never seen a Pregnant Jilly before…

It would be useful.

Well, this certainly is…different

This is weird and interesting at the same time.

Someone call Sobotnik.

Ragdolling Now…

Best ragdoll 2012.

I’m surprised she’s wearing anything considering this is probably made for fetishy purposes.

is this on the valvebiped skeleton?

No, but I rigged it to the valve skeleton; it’s done too.

uploading to .org

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Here ya go :slight_smile:

I swear to god nobody at l4dmaps better ask for this to be ported to l4d2. it’s be the pregnant zoey request all over again. but i guess this is the first time we’ve seen a pregnant woman in gmod. i hope a kid in 8th grade doesn’t use this for a school project in health though. cause i’ve heard some people actually have used gmod for school projects with some vids

Has a Deep Sigh of Regret

Where’s pregnant Wesker?

How to install this :rolleyes:
I wana try

Erm…? Okay.

Throw it into your Garrysmod folder? it should be in browse, and next time don’t bump man.

a .zip folder or “Bikini” folder?

You extract the “Preggo Jill” folder from the download and place it into the Addons folder. It’s not that hard to figure out, dude.

But I was doing that and it doesn’t work

If it didn’t work, then try taking the materials and models folders and placing them directly in the garrysmod folder. If that doesn’t work, then get a legit copy of the game.