"Prelude 15..." Russian man plays the piano



Compare: http://comparescreenshots.slicx.com/comparison/29055

Please excuse the Source grass.

Low res grass and wasted space on the right :ninja:
Anyways nice shadow editing.

Source grass :argh:

Is that grass on the concrete? It looks like it was chopped in half. Anyways the shading is really cool, the gun looks pretty realistic

Uncheck “map details”. :wink:

You can’t know everything :3:

Nice atmosphere, posing, idea and subtle shading. Overall, a very nice picture.

Love that song and i really like this picture. But maybe just a little empty.


Not bad, the shitty source grass i understand is wank but it puts me off a little and empty space on the right is a bit meh as well.

It’s alright overall.

Thanks for the comments guys.

Upside down grass indicates world end

Oh noes

eh, cool camera angle

eh, thanks :3

Not bad, also is that song from a game or something? I know i’ve heard it before

I was expecting Tchaikovsky but this is just as beautiful.
Have an arty.

The shading on the Russian is really nice man, good work on that.

Halo 3 commercial, “Believe”:

Any more comments?