Premade Track pieces!

Hello people, I was just wondering if you guys know where I can find track peices.My Arching sucks ass in hammer and I want to make a map that has some tracks init. I downloaded some from but there shit. Can someone please tell me where I can find some premade track peices that ARE NOT shit?

Twister can generate curves for tracks.

I’m working on some models.[/media]

Please make sure you LOD it that is my problem with PHX tracks it just hammers the crap out of the FPS.

Make them func_detail

Propper doesn’t support LODs yet, But they are low poly so it won’t matter.

:monocle: Awesome turnouts. Have you made the points yet?

Not yet, I think it’d be a bit awkward using another seperate model for the two pieces of track that need to switch it, so i’ll probably just have those as brushes and make it a prefab or something.

You can’t make models func_detail.

Make them yourself, using arches, I practiced many times until I even came close to getting it. As for using props as rails, I’m not sure of any effects that may cause, but good luck. As for switches, I’ve got realistic ones, making signal towers soon as well.

Using arches for turns in train tracks is generally a bad idea. Since most of the verts are off-grid, they’re usually rounded and end up being off when the map is compiled or the map is saved/closed/reopened.

Are you actually a modeler, or did you make them in hammer?

My arches work fine, they do go off grid, but they compile fine and they don’t move onto the grid…

Read this:

And then this:

Im pretty sure that was part of the joke :v: