Premade vs Handmade Prop Protection

Which would be better to go with? Handmade or Premade prop protection?

If premade, I have tried many prop protections but none work well.

I have tried:

  • UPS (too few features)
  • Simple Prop Protection (errors like crazy)
  • FPP (problems have been had in the past)

You might as well go premade and just design something that fits you.

You mean handmade, right?


If Simple Prop Protection errors, please tell me so I can fix them. Are you using the workshop edition?

No, SVN, the error I’m getting is that attacker being returned but it’s nil.

The SVN is old AFAIK, I got permission from the original creator to upload and update that workshop addon so you should try it. As far as I know, it’s the only version of it you should use out there.

Thanks, now I don’t have to deal with errors or spending the time making my own.