Premade weapon scripts?

Where is the best place to get premade weapon scripts for maps?

I’ve been looking around and haven’t found any.

Steam Workshop.


Gmod community is good at that.

I can’t find any scripts anywhere, Googling or in the Steam Workshop. Could someone link me to somewhere where I can find some scripts?

Download some addons off the Workshop, extrace the GMA file and see how the addon ticks.

Sorry I should have been more specific. I’m looking for rearm scripts.

What’s rearm script? You sure such thing exist already?

You mean this? I don’t see why you need pre-made scripts for rearming maps, it is very quick and easy to do using that tool, if you cannot do it yourself for what ever reason then I will make a few for you if you would like.

Re-arming ‘scripts’, in TTT, are using to choose where the weapon, ammo and player spawns are, you mainly do this for maps which are not designed for TTT or CS maps.

thanks for actually contributing something

You’re welcome.

I knew you could make them but I thought there was somewhere where you can get them.

Thanks for offering but I can make them myself :slight_smile: