"Prepare for your examination!"

Oh god hahdhat! Do somethin’!" :gonk:


This is actually my second finished attempt of posing. It’s not much.

Why does it look like the scout’s hands are a foot behind the fence?

Can’t the engie just…“use a gun?”

World collision in TF2 maps are weird. Not sure if I can get around this. Also the angle makes it look farther than it actually is.

Spy sapped his weapons.

You could get around it if you used a prop/effect for the fence.

Why didn’t I even think of that.

Thanks for the advice!

The DoF (?) looks a little strange. The medic is looking at a strange spot, and the engineer’s head is at a strange angle and doesn’t seem to be looking directly at the scout. Also, the aforementioned hand issue sticks out a bit.

Other than that, though, not bad. It’s good for a second attempt at posing.

Perhaps the DoF looks strange because I lean towards making “soft” pictures. Gotta break that habit if I want to branch out :smile:

I bent the posing a bit to cater to the angle I was going for. Wanted the Engineer’s face and as for the Medic, it’s kind of hard to see where his eyes are looking but if you look closer… I’ll let you figure it out.

But thanks for the criticism from all of you; I’ll try to take all of this into account next time I make something.

You have the ability to improve.


Lol Medics face scares me =(

Medics face seems quite exaggerated.
More mingy and rapeface-ish than evil.