Okay so I need some serious criticism on this one if possible. I took a new technique that I thrown in as well as methods from Vioxtar in order to attempt to fix my lighting problem on my poses, so let me know what you all think.

Realised that ambient occlusion wont make much sense with with a day time photo

it’s looking better already, but you still need to fix the blurry and grainy edges of the shadows. the blue-green tint is rather weird also, how intense did you make your “sky” light?

You’re off to a good start. I’d say when trying new techniques like this start small to get the hang of it or you might burn yourself out. If you’re doing light stacking then try to just have one main lamp acting as the sunlight with only a few more filling the shadows. Be sure to have the sunlight defined as well, the trench wall on the right is absolutely killing the lighting as a whole and it makes The lighting look too even over everything, not to mention the inconsistent shadows. For the clearest reference of daylight lighting look at some of Hauptmann’s screenshots. He’s often got a very clear sun and very clear shadows that are generally an easy concept to grasp at the very least. When it comes to the grainy shadows however it’s just a matter of punching “r_projectedtexturefilter 0” into the console. 1 is what it defaults at and that’s what gives you those grainy shadows. The lower the value the clearer they get