Prepared, Even When Resting

Hello everyone, apologies for the pretty crappy title (I’m not very artistic when it comes to that) anyways, please give me your feedback and feel free to criticize anything you find wrong, or could be improved. I’m always looking to improve my edits, if it sucks, at least tell me why, thank you.

You can see the original image here.

That’s very nice looking man! For some reason I find the guy to be too blurry, but my monitor is fucking up these days so it could just be me.

Thanks man, yeah you’re right, I couldn’t get the SDoF to work quite the way I wanted it to, he is a little blurry.

Rotate stomach to the left, move shoulders a bit more to the right, also move the neck more to the right, use nocollideworld on the gun and you’re set.

Maybe pick a bit better angle, move the camera a bit futher away and to the right, catching the whole dude in to the picture. Leaving out the legs doesn’t really look good imo.

Thank you very much, I still have the save so I can go back and edit it later on, I really appreciate the criticism though, thanks again.

Love it man!

Tell me more about nocollideworld good sir.

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That’s because you set the focus distance to his hand. The best way to find the proper focus that I’ve found is to just get it roughly in focus, render it once with the blur amount at 1, and with only 2 or 3 passes, then once it’s rendered adjust the distance further or closer, render again, and just keep using trail and error until you find the perfect focus distance (or almost perfect if you aren’t applying a ton of blur). Then set the blur size to whatever you’d like and the passes back to 16 or more.

It’s a fancy tool you can use on props and effects to not collide with world objects like ground, walls, map objects etc.

what’s with the colors?

Is it just my computer or do the pictures not show at all?

Explain please?