Preparing for the Horde

Would appreciate some C&C.

What? Is this scenebuild?

No,this is Patrick.

Why is that mounted machine gun firing itself in the first picture?


That is some horrible posing.


I’m sorry but this is retarded, wait… is that mounted weapon shooting by itself?

That’s why Ellis is holding a pipe with a button to fire,hurr.

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Why the hell you posted this shit in my thread?

Because it really fits your works.

Yeah,I see how it works here,average screenshots,soldiers posing in front of camera holding a random gun,or shooting a zombie in a random map,even without any effects or edition,gets high rated,and different ideas,without action or super photoshop edition are hated.


Oh wow

You summed it up pretty good. We do not understand your timeless works. We’re just stupid fatasses wanting more and more action effects and shit.

Why the quality is so bad? It looks like picture was made with jpeg_quality 30…

I dont know what happen,when I post it,the quality is good,then after some hours it looks like shit.

Reposted,looks a little better now.

Tip: If you hadn’t, you should start setting “jpeg_quality 100” in console before taking screenshot.
I also recomend for uploading pictures or just hit F12 and upload it to steam cloud servers, then you can use link from your screenshot library from your profile.

I used to post the link of my steam library,but sometimes the screenshot just dont appear here,so I upload in imageshack.And my jpeg_quality was in 100,thanks anyways.

Average screenshot : fairly good screenshot. But right you don’t fit in neither definitions.

Yeah,I’ll put in scene a high-detailed model holding a high-detailed weapon,add super DOF and mess with bloom,and wait for my “Winner” ratings.

I hate to break it to you but your getting dumbs because well… This picture sucks (Posing is wierd, angle sucks, compression etc.), not because it’s not tacti-c00l, so don’t even try to play the whole “lololxd my pictures dun suck u guise just don’t like it coz its not tacticool.”