Presentation beta ttt_nukehouse need advice

Hello facepunch.

I need your help. I’m new to mapping. I’m working on a ttt map and i’m out of idea about what need change.

So i present you ttt_nukehouse, it s in beta. It’s two houses facing each other with both sniping spot on the roff.

the other house:

There is also a underground bunker

The most interesting part about the bunker is that there is a timer and when it reach 0 you can press a boutton to explode everything in the surface after 1min30.

The only way to escape the explosion is to go to the underground before the blast door close or else you are traped. I linked the explosion to a damage owner so you will know in the log who pressed it.

I added some traitor trap (all linked to a damage owner to know who activated it). Like a radio who explode after activation.

Or even a phone who ring after a random time and whoever pick it get a random effect (get 1 credit, full heal, nothing, steal a credit, killed after 40 sec)

you can find it at

I need you to know what you think about it. If it is any good or no. Thank you.

Pretty good for a beginner at mapping. I like the idea with the phone ringing! What did you use to get a countdown timer working in your map?

Thx, i used this tutorial

Then i reversed it to make a countdown timmer.