Presenting : The Demoman

Hellow guys, another “presenting”, I just love doing them… In-game only editing

Borders behind:[/media]

Borders in front:

C&C, what do ya think?

Presenting : The Pyro (Link)
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Are those flare gun shells?

Yeah, thought they fitted the picture

Lol, other than that very nice. Did you use mat_picmip -10 before taking the shot?

I thought that you might not have because some of the oil cans are not looking the best, but that might be the models themselves.

Yeah, somehow the oilcan stays kind of ugly even with mat_picmip :z

thumb looks a bit weird

other than that, ace.


I just realised the demoman puts his thumb there when he needs to reload… But he doesn’t needs to right now <<

I like it :smiley:
All of your Presentings.
Plz make the Heavy or the Medic next!

Too dark and borders block too much.

Otherwise, it almost looks like Valve’s work.

It need to be brighter and the light need to come from another side.

Heavy is next

@Talishmar, I kind of wanted the borders to only allow the view of explosives and the demoman, like in those game introduction where you see the character on the right / left of the screen, and then a logo that quickly makes you understand the character’s role/kind of weaponry

But perhaps you’re right and it hides too much

@ Bodelan, I dunno about the light, I kind of like it like that… Coming from the right, they wouldn’t have offered the same kind of lighting, beside I placed my stuff so that the light coming from the left has a nice effect :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for comments!

Like this:

Sorry, I din’t asked about permission, if it was needed, but I wanted to test out GIMP.

So, things edited:

  1. Lighten up a bit.
  2. Whiter light.
  3. Rim light on Demoman. (Head, shouders, grenade launcher)
  4. Smoothed out the shadows.

Nice editing buddy!

What makes him a good Demoman? Well, that kind of editing does, fo starters.

I honestly don’t like it like that, nice edit, but I don’t like those colors at all
Also I don’t have any editing program so obviously there’s more flaws than an edited one…


Edit: put the image as a /media or as a url please

Thanks Combine. Well, Bragdras, I know that the colors are bad, but this is the best edit I can get, while keeping the TF2 lightning and shadows. But the opinion is yours, I just made it brighter for the other guys. And please, tell me how to put the image as a media.

I found out how to do the media stuff. Here is the picture. Colors are back, but still little different.


Without the " ¨ " on the I’s