Presenting : The Pyro

Think someone will consider my threads as spam?

Only in-game edit[/media]
Slightly different version (The border is in front of the pyro)

Presenting : The Soldier (Link)
Presenting : The Scout (Link)
Presenting : The Demoman (Link)


I give you paint

Nice I like it!
Why do you think this is spam?
Those are really nice.
Rated you a paint.

Really nice one, the first one is the best but its a little to dark.

Better than the Scout and Soldier to be honest.

Good, very good if you think so :]


You’re doing a very good with ingame editing screenshots!

Next :

Presenting : The Driver

meh :stuck_out_tongue:

I dunno what kind of pose I could give him tho :[

I’ll probably do it in order

scout -> soldier -> pyro -> demo -> heavy -> engy -> medic -> sniper -> spy -> driver -> if I’m not bored with it I’ll find something to pose

This is awesome! Let me guess, you made the borders by painting two doors or something black right?

I used phoenix walls, but yeah, I used the debugwhite material and painted them black, the top one is behind, the one below depends on if I want to hide the legs or if I want to show the whole character.

I’m thinking of trying a more action-y pose with those borders and that kind of lighting, kind of like the one I made with the heavy shooting off-screen on 2fort_night (Click Here)

Think it would be good?

Looks awesome

While it’s an easy way to make items appear infront of the border without masking in photoshop, it’s use is limited. If there’s not gonna be much heavy editing, they work fine though!

Aah! It’s cool and all… but WHY a pyro?!
You should do something simular with other classes :open_mouth:
Like Demoman! (A)

I guess demoman is next :stuck_out_tongue: but I don’t know when I’ll make him

God I love these.