Presidium Putsch

I may have overdone the Blue

just in case, here is a slightly darker version


and a picture of the skenbeld


I’d especially like to thank squiddy for the White and orange skinned section 8 dudes. My hatred of Mass Effect armours has come full circle. And he has surely helped me in smothering out all remnants of latex for my posing needs

It’s a exellent scenebuild, poses are realistic. The only thing i can complain about is the highly low-res blood. (I assume it’s becuase it’s on a prop?)

Beautiful Xana.

Nice Scenebuild too.

the blood looks really low res from an angle, and unfortunately, paint, such as bullets holes and said blood often becomes invisible when light or lamps are shone near them.

I suppose it’d be nice to start learning after editing a bit more


Needs more Putin.

Most excellent. It just occurred to me that the American flags skinned onto the standard pauldrons by default also kinda fit Cerberus.

God I wish I could scenebuild that well.

if Cerberus had had Section 8 armor the good guys in ME3 wouldn’t have stood a chance

nice scenebuild and good that you included a darker version