Press E and show up a derma menu

I made a model.
But its too big is there a way to make it smaller (ingame with commands?)
And I need when the player clicks it. Willl show up the derma menu I made!

If you know how to do any of this 2 things write down please!

Do you even search your questions before asking it?

You have a couple of options



Then use the net library to network the menu to the player when you use the NPC - here is some info on using the net library.

Net Library Usage

Yea but I am noob as fuck!

I read but didn’t get where should I put the the use entity?

The use entity in the init.lua file inside entity folder.

And about model, use $scale in you QC file.

there’s one of these threads every day, you could try search a little better.
If you don’t know any lua then you should say that, if you do know then you shouldn’t need to ask how to “put the the use entity”, but here someone asked yesterday too:

It was me but I just dont get what to do

can you show some lua code you’ve written and need help to make the menu show?

Use this tutorial:

As it is Maurits, there MAY be outdated functions, but it is just example on how to create own entity with derma menu when you click E on them.

And to spawn it:

local function SpawnEntities()
	if SERVER then
		local npc = ents.Create("YOUR_ENTITY_NAME_HERE")
hook.Add( "InitPostEntity", "SpawnEntities", SpawnEntities)

Put that somewhere where are Serverside files.
YOUR_ENTITY_NAME_HERE is the entity folder name where are located init.lua, cl_init.lua and shared.lua

POSITION_HERE is where the npc will be spawned, ti get your current position type in console “getpos” and get the 3 first numbers, last 3 are angles

ANGLE_HERE last 3 numbers from getpos here, you should round them so they will be 10,20,30,40 etc. and not 26.234432 or something like that.

What about the resize??

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Btw Thanks for helping with npc I will try when I get home