Press "Escape" key = crash

When I press Esc key, the game crashes with error “The memory could not be read…”. This happens only while in server and when console is opened. This is really annoying because I often need to use console while in server :(. Hope someone can help me.

I know that OS matters in gmod for most of the problems, so mine: Windows XP Home Edition, SP2

System Specs

Yeah, what’s your system specs?

Dude, your system specs please.

Everyone wants he’s specs.

CPU: Intel Pentium 4 @ 3.00GHz
GFX: MSI Radeon 9550, 256mb
OS: Windows XP Home Edition, SP2

I wonder how are system specs important? Sorry it took me time because i don’t visit this forum that often :(.

E: Yesterday i changed my -dxlevel 80 to 81 and now i can open console while in-server… though i had done that before, funny >.>
E2: Lol, it’s just that if server has many people, the console crashes me but if like less than 10 people, i can open console. PLEASE HELP, i can’t play without using console :(.

Anybody :(?

What addons are you currently running?

Advanced Duplicator, PHX3, Wiremod. But how does this matter, it happens on online servers. Was thinking if any of here posters even have a clue or just posting … <.<

So if anyone really has a clue can he/she help me out :(?

E: I haven’t changed anything since i first set my game up and it worked in the beginning so…

Have you tried an clean install of garry’s mod? Just rename the garrysmod folder in your account folder, run garry’s mod. See if it continues.

I’ve tried clean install and it didn’t help, though it solved my other issues.

Is there any evidence of graphics driver failure?

Well, i don’t know about graphics driver, but the game crashes with “The memory could not be read…” error.

So no-one out there who can help?

Hey …?

Omg so anybody in this entire forum can’t help me and i’m the only sad one having this problem?

Chill bro, this forum’s slow. If you feel like you aren’t getting any help try posting in Technical Support or if that doesn’t help or Fast Threads. Post in FT and TS as a last resort if you feel like no one in The GMOD H&S can help.

Buy more RAM, XP uses up to 512MB.
Steam uses like 50MB - 100MB
Than you have to consider other small programs, 150MB-250MB

That leaves Garry’s Mod run off of (on bare minimum), 300MB.

Not enough RAM.

I’m not that dumb. When i use gmod, all my programs are closed, including explorer.exe and it didn’t happened before and even when i had only 512MB ram …

Try verifying Garry’s Mod’s GCF: Steam Library > right-click on Garry’s Mod > Properties > Local Files Tab > Verify Integrity of Game Cache