"Pretention and Prestiege"

A loooong time ago I created a sprite comic called “Pretention and Prestiege”. I’ve been meaning to bring it back for awhile now, and I decided to re-do it as a Gmod comic. Here’s the first episode of the new series.

Haha, interesting concept. I like it



Well, it is alright. So its basically people from other games in Gmod, and the person helping them is the only Asian character in HL2. Kinda a good idea, try a little harder next time, maybe have something funny(don’t try too hard on something funny or it will fuck up), maybe increase graphics if your computer can handle it. And try to make the layout and maybe speech look better.

Still, it is better than some of the shit here.

Pretty good! I like it.

I’ve already got my graphics set up as high as it can go. Also, I’ve DL’d some new fonts to give the text a nicer look in the next one. The rest of the series won’t be so story-heavy…

Not really anything going on, but it has potential. If it’s going to be a comedy, add some jokes. Editing could be better too. Speech bubble tails are a little strange in some points and stroking them would make it look better.

Like I said, has potential.

Cool the G-Verse i like it