Pretty big crafting bug.

If you craft an item and then cancel it while you already have some of those materials in your inventory already it will destroy your materials and not give them back.

For example, if you craft 10 high external stone stone walls while you have stone in your inventory and then cancel all of the high external stone walls in your crafting queue you will not get 15000 stone back.

This is happening for me too. I think it happens when you don’t have a full stack of stone due to the new “don’t throw my resources on the ground” mechanic. This also has a really annoying side affect when right clicking to move stuff, where you will need to come back and right click the stack again if you already had a partial stack in your inventory.

It was introduced with the recent update and it makes right-click looting useless as of now. Hopefully it’s fixed soon.

Obviously not just us

is it fixed with this: