pretty much clean citizens.


That’s a neat idea…but how did the lines on the clothes make skinning any harder?

You had to remove them first which took some time.

This is to save a little time.

Why did you take off the buttons? I thought they had buttoned shirts.

Most skins don’t keep the buttons, more time saving.

Ah, very useful indeed! I was considering making a personal skin, and this will make it quicker and easier. I might even use these in HL2; they look better to me this way. Rated tool :v:

I can see where you used the clone stamp tool, my boi.

You hush

Yeah, apart from the (kind of) obvious clone stamp, I guess these could come in handy for people new to skinning.

I have found something most disconcerting with your skins…

Sir, there appears to be crudely drawn faces on those people’s stomachs.

Compare it to the original.

I see it too, up by their chests.