Pretty much everything is broken.

In short, Gmod, as well as CS:S and HL2:DM are … broken.

Entities don’t load/load weird colors/are gitched, the player models are absolutely broken, don’t move, and shooting a gun causes the game screen to fuck up.


These were all taken in CS:S, but the problem persists with Gmod exactly the same. I don’t know what caused it.
TF2 and HL2 play perfectly fine.

Sys Specs: (gog I know my computer is horrible but it still works ok)

I updated drivers, reinstalled all games, but idk. I am not very good with computers ok I don’t have a clue what the problem is

Thats a really odd problem, I’ve never seen it. I would tell you to do the usual gmod troubleshooting (remove all the addons you might have) but the fact that this also happens in CS:S… Addons might not be the issue.

You’re attempting to play a game on an Intel G33/G31 Chipset. Garry’s Mod will not run normally on a system with that type of card.

Right-Click Garry’s Mod in the Steam Library and Properties.

Under Set Launch Options… add the following: -dxlevel 81