Pretty sure I've broken something big - Print not working server side.

The command print isn’t working server side. Nothing pops up in the console. Any ideas what I’ve broken or where to look for the bug?

Post your code.

I have no clue what file it’s in, I have addons, stuff in autorun and 9 gamemode files.

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I deleted all my addons, every custom file in autorun and switched the gamemode to sandbox, still not working.

But what exactly isn’t working? It’s impossible for anyone here to give you an answer without knowing the context.
[lua]lua_run print(1)[/lua]
If you ran that via rcon and nothing printed out, then we could assume that something screwed up the print function. Otherwise, for all we know, you have an if statement that’s never true or a file that is never even ran, so it gives the appearance that the print function is broken.

You need to provide some sort of context.

post the console log file for your server?