pretty things

1: use l4d2 explosions/fire rather than hl2 ones

2: have some cool shader that changes skin colour (i know people would actualy have to do things to get this, but it would be damn cool)

3:add shaders that…

a: change a group of colours on a model

(for example, a player model might have a model with its shirt as colour one and and his trousers as colour two, when he joins a team on a server colour one might be rigged to change to his teams colour, while colour two might be defined by him)

b: change luminosity or colour on a sprite (for example, bright green glowing blood or red balls of plasma firing from a weapon

4: enable multiple skybox’s in a level (usefull for spacebuild)

5: if the l4ds nav thing is better than hl2s, change?

6: l4d2 gore- nuf said

7: ai director (to be used with community maps obviously)

For God’s sake, He’s not porting Gmod to the L4D engine.

Stop making these threads.

i didnt say that, just aspects l4d (not the engine, so ignore the ai part)

You can’t port ANYTHING technical from L4D. Especially not shaders and ESPECIALLY not the AI Director, L4D gore would mean re-making every single model in the game and then coding the gore system in. Do you honestly have no idea how this sort of thing works?