Prevent climbing

Quick question.
I heard that building foundation beside my base can prevent ppl climbing.
So this means enemy cannot build on my foundation?

no you need to build the foundations and place pillars in the center of the fundation preferable 3

So foundations with pillar in the middle, enemy cannot build on it?
Will this prevent climbing if I surround it on my base?

yes they wont be able to put stairs on it since the pillars are on the middle and if you use windows in your house just put the new metal bars they are actually indestructible.

The goal is to prevent building stairs. If you can place any combination of pillars/foundations around your base to build stairs up then your base is not safe from being raided from above.

Yes, If you build foundations around your base and put pillars in the center that will stop people from building next to your base to get in. go about 3 out and you should be safe like M16 above said. Ceilings help also.

Just to confirm 3 out as in put 3 pillars in the center? Meaning height of 3 pillars in the center?

Btw, I been killing zombies and raiding and all but no m4 blue print or anything, any idea where I am missing out?


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Op, remember that pillars in the center does not prevent stairs entirely, for example, a 2x2 block of foundations with only pillars in the middle can still have stairs built and you’ve laid the groundwork already for raiders. Make sure to block any and all combinations of 4 pillars that allow stairs

Just another quick question about it:

Possibly im wrong, but is this really enough? I am just wondering the following scenario:

  • 1 Have a 2*2 house with 6 Stages
  • 1 Surrond my full house with foundations and i am putting pillars in the center of every Foundation and even more, so nobody is able to build stairs on these foundations.
  • 1 Leave my very top of the building open

What the Raider will do:

  • Put another foundation next to my foundation until he reaches the height of my last stage
  • He will start putting pillars on your foundations (on which one you already prevented him from building stairs and will simply just build pillars until he reaches the last stage
  • Now he is jumping from the stairs towards every single pillar until he is on my roof

I hope you understand what i mean, heard to describe. Anyways, is my thinking here correct? I can´t think of any scenario where your house cant be accessed from the roof. (IF you havn´t closed it)
Am i missing something?

It doesn´t matter how many foundations you surround your base with, as long as there is space for another foundation. Because people can then build up theri own stairs and simply jump through the pillars towards your base.

Another way i see is, when you close your roof. Then you´ll just have to put pillers around your base but as well as high as the roof.

Any other suggestions?

there will be a point where no one can place any foundations

Yes this is correct.

u can always build up like that: go to: 4:44:30 so your middle pillar isnt effective at all…

Yes, thats the only thing i could think of. If you have a space, probably in the hills, where it is not possible to build a foundation next to your base.
But besdied from that? Is there another solution? Because i currently think that as long as there is space, theres a way to enter the building from the top.

Thanks for the link, its always good to see it live actually.
I didnt knew of this trick to be honest. This is realy crazy, basically you can get up everywhere with just a single pillar (Or set of pillars :slight_smile: )

yeah maybe they will change it someday:P

Pointless at the moment since you just place a barricade and a box and jump up to the next floor, and rinse & repeat. (the box & barricade can stick outside the blown wall, that’s how you can climb any number of floors with C4)

Also, in any case, if you “anti-grief” your building with external foundations and tall pillars you can be shut out of your building permanently by simply blowing the wall in the first floor and having someone destroy your stairs and place a ceiling in the stairwell. If they do this for the first few floors, your building is basically useless since the only way in is a series of cumbersome barricade/box combinations, which anyone can destroy in a matter of seconds.

The bottom line is that large single-story buildings are the only real way to make anything near “secure”, all others can be entered and griefed far too easily. Tall buildings look cool, but are completely useless! (this may change if building “owners” can destroy building parts, but the question of “ownership” is a weird one, ie: if I place a foundation attached to your building, do I own it now?)