Prevent multiple Nexbots from sharing the same path?

I have a Nextbot that chases the enemy and stops to fire once the enemy is in its range, but often times, the bots share the same path, and end up getting stuck in each other, unable to move until the target moves.
Is there a way to specify whether or not you want multiple bots sharing the same path in any way?

I was hoping to make something similar to the Base NPCs’ method of shifting left or right if they collide with one of their own in attempts to go around them, but i’m not too sure how i might go about doing that either.

This is due to the map nodes.

NextBot NPC’s follow map nodes to get to destinations.
Since they follow specific nodes the issue lies in the low amount of paths to the location they are trying to get to.
I’d suggest playing around with creating your own nodes for a map and playing with this:

Specifically repath to achieve more diversity.

As far as getting stuck goes, a hook is called each time a NextBot gets stuck. If the default result of this hook is not working to your liking,
you can always modify the outcome. This can be found here:

Hope this helps you.