Prevent Rock weilding spawn killers.

There should be an x amount of time before you lose PvP protection from spawn, attacking another player will disable it. (for those die hard naked dudes.)

Im tired of spawning, finding something useful, and having a naked dude chase me for 30 minutes, just to beat me with a rock.

Beat him back? Hide better?

so you could use that X amount of invulnerable time to raid rifle-wielding man?

This is no form shape or fashion could you balance.

Maybe, just maybe if you made it to where if you random respawned you would be protected for like 10 minutes… Na bc people could random suicide till they got near their house, get geared up, and go to someone else’s house and kill them with invulnerability.

Dynamic spawns are being placed in. Should keep you away from another person for a few min.
Being chased after a few min of farming by a rock wilder, well thats just bad luck there, could be worse thy could have a gun.

Everyone runs at the same speed, so unless you are doing something stupid, they should never catch you?

Climb on mountain, try to be tricky, do some parkour!!!