Preventing external cheats.

As far as I know external cheats are undetected by any Anti Cheat software for the GMOD Servers like Cake, now my question is how do we as developers prevent External cheats from working. Most external cheats are only ESP so is there any way we can confuse the ESP’s to give false detections or prevent detection all together?

hook.Add("CheckPassword", "ban hackers", function()
	return false, "Get off my server you dirty hacker!"

Kicks 100% of cheaters guaranteed.


but im being serious, these external cheats are a huge problem I see about 5 people with them every week.

IP ban them and move on? unless you want to install a thousand different AC’s or write one yourself your best bet is to just catch them cheating and ban their IP so they can’t easily keep joining with different steam accounts. In it’s current state Garry’s Mod will always be a safe haven for cheaters seeing as VAC is effectively worthless and the painful, tedious way of catching cheaters is your only option.

“There are medicines, but people stills dies by other diseases, how can I heal all diseases”

If theres no already an AC that covers those cheats, why would you ask us how to caught those

Im simply asking for ideas of how it would be done, theoretical or not.

wow 5 whole cheaters a week? Sounds like a huge problem.
Anyway there’s nothing you can do about them. There’s not really a proper way to detect C++ cheats from Lua, if there even is one to begin with. Chances are your cheaters are using something like bigpackets or friendlyhack, both of which are C++.

The reason 5 is a big number is becasue we have Cake installed as well as our own custom stuff that helps detect unauthorized Console commands, and we spent alot of work on that only to keep getting cheaters because GMOD uses a 10 year old version of VAC if it even still uses vac anymore im unsure about that.

If you have !CAC then you don’t need your own stuff to detect console commands considering !CAC does that (probably) a lot better than what you use.

The issue is no AC can detect External Cheats yet, we should change that. We have a community of developers right here why not use that to our advantage.

I already explained that we can’t do anything about it. The best thing that could happen is if VAC miraculously got updated to detect some of the more popular C++ cheats.

A server named SeriousTTT did it and they wont share.

The only anticheat that would probably detect external cheats would be LAC, or CAC

If you don’t know what you are doing then you will probably want to hire someone to detect the cheat you are worried about. Don’t hire random people who say they know lua though, hire someone who has proven themselves in the community that they know what they are doing when it comes to cheating and anticheats.

Cac cannot detect any External cheat

Actually, it can.
I’v written multiple external cheats and cac can still detect some things in them.

Reverse engineering CAC right now. Thnx i had no idea.

Lmao I’ve cheated on there with just a cvar forcer before. You can’t detect external cheats, end of conversation. If you’re that concerned about it just get better admins.

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Cac can detect when some external programs load Lua but that’s it.

Yeah, end of the line is that if cheaters want to cheat then they will. Stuff is getting hard to detect, like the aimhack that every bullet you shoot slowly gets your crosshair closer to the head, so it realistically looks like you have god like aim, there’s no way to detect if it’s coming from a program or a human, unless the guy doesn’t event touch the mouse and let’s the program do it all there’s no way to know with the mixed in human interaction with aim assist.
I hope your staff doesn’t end up banning a good player that isn’t using hacks because of it.

Last time I played on there they were using a renamed QAC so I doubt they can detect C++ cheats.

!CAC can actually detect shitty C++ cheats that hook createmove wrong.

Expanding on this I believe they straight out stopped using an anti-cheat, something about them being too performance heavy or something. :v:

Cheats nowadays are pretty advanced and I’ve seen first-hand how many hoops you have to jump through to detect one but in the end it’s only one cheat. Creators were pissed and proceeded to blacklist/DDoS my server because they didn’t really like their cheat being detected.
With that said it’s a given that you won’t be able to blanket prevent all cheats from running on your server. All you can do is weed out the most basic ones and manually investigate the rest.