Preventing Shooting Through Walls

I cannot find anything about this anywhere, except in some mapping forums for HL1. I’ve been looking for a solution for a few days.

Alright, so I’m making a CS:S map and I need some help. I have some eight unit thick plaster textured walls in my level, that somehow allow players to shoot through them. I tested, you can even kill players through them.

I’ve tried some remedies to the problem. Cutting the wall into four blocks doesn’t work. Invisible walls kinda worked, but it had to be eight units on both sides of the walls, and I didn’t like that because it’s a spot where players will probably want to camp and it was too obvious there was an invisible wall there. I tried tying it to a func_wall. I even tried placing a sky block inside the wall to stop the bullets (that was a long shot).

I could, in theory, make all the walls in the level 16 units. However, that would make the walls look too weird and thick (plus I would have to almost completely redesign that part of the level) so I was hoping there was a better solution.

Any preventions?

Why prevent it sounds close to real.

Isn’t there a “Block Bullets” tool texture in hammer? If you were to make one of those inside each wall it might be what you’re looking for.

Counter-Strike: Source was set up that way. However, if you honestly want to do it, follow KFrohman’s formula.

Same trick as for bullet proof windows in CSS, layers of brushes with blockbullets in between.

Either make the walls thicker, or use brushes with the “blockbullets” texture.