Preview of My First GMod Movie

Mods close this thread.

Not terrible, but if you continue to make more movies, take these points of advice to stand out from the croud:

  1. Use a map other than cs_office, unless it really fits the story.
  2. Tourettes Guy is only truly funny when used well.
  3. That ‘picatto’ song is already used in GIB an awful lot.
  4. Humping Magnussons and burning Breens aren’t all that funny.
  5. So much RAGMOD!
  6. Again, try to use songs that arn’t in a million other gmod videos.
  7. Flailing ragdolls arn’t funny.
  8. Get a better static transition if you really want to do a GIB style video. Most of us on Fp don’t find that kind of “lolzorz randum” stuff funny.

Positive things:
I liked the sudden “aw fuck!” as he flew into his chair, it was unexpected from all the ragmod running.
The spin on “garbage day” made me chuckle.
I’m really happy you didn’t use WMM.

Don’t give up, you have a good start, do what you want, but try to keep these points in mind when making your videos.

So, scrap and remake the intro and less ragmod?

Not exactly. Yes, less ragmod, because, as I can see in the video, the arms just keep bouncing off his sides. It’d be better if he was just running.

I really didn’t get the point of the cs_office sequence. He woke up, flashback, ran, flew into his chair. What’s the joke?
If you want to remake the intro, remove the humping mag and the burning breen, because that’s exactly the sort of unfunny randomness I’m talking about.

Keep doing more skits like the “garbage day” one, because that one made you think, oh, duh! haha! Recycle day, I get it!

If you want to do stop motion, like you did in the “i’m going to rape you” skit, (which wasn’t funny anyway), make sure it’s either really good or just film with regular motion.

This is ok for a first, I can still see the effort you put into it.

how did you get 720p (hi quality) video using wegame? did you pay for it?

i would really like to know, as xfire is low quality, and wegame is even lower…

You made it too much like the idiot box. With the whole static cut thing.

Your garbage day part was clever, but you need to just stop making comedy for machinima. The amount of actually funny videos I’ve seen made in gmod can be counted on one hand.

Try other genres.

Point taken. I’ll scrap this and start on a, erm, linear type of video.