[Preview] TF2O: The Fairly Bonking Road Trip

While making TF2O: The Fairly Bonking Road Trip, I was met with a lot of goals in mind: TF2 authenticity, a comedic comic for all gamers, and quality that surpasses the more well-known Brashfink’s Apostasy.

How will this be better than the best Garry’s Mod comic of all time? You be the judge with a three page preview!

The release date was originally August 1st (the anniversary of Pyro & Bear), but the release date is now July 1st!

Also, watch out for an upcoming TF2O comic that will be released alongside the announcement of the Engineer Update!

Wow, nice editing and what map is that?


Your editing is pretty good. Looking forward to it.

That RTV at the last frame is floating, but I’m looking forward for this one.

looks great