PreviousRP - A step back for roleplaying.

Yush… well here is my genius plan for creating a gamemode. I know I am smart and all, but don’t insult me or I will ban you from GMOD! I am looking for a 1337 team that will help my (mine, not yours) gamemode pwn all those nubs out thur.


  • Money Printers
  • Jobs
  • Police
  • Guns
  • Generic RP Aspect

Steps to Follow in order to Succeed:

  1. Acquire a team: Professional Copy-and-Paster, Mapping Noob, Modeling Noob, Searcher.
  2. Copy and Paste all DarkRP files into a folder named “PreviousRP”
  3. Change info files to my name only.
  4. Become famous and sell gamemode for $1000

I will be taking preorders for this gamemode, so if you want to secure your copy now, don’t be afraid to PM me.

Nice idea for a parody, terrible execution.

The whole point is to be terrible.

a parody is usually funny, this isnt

Sometimes funny doesn’t get the point across. (;

To avoid going into another analysis, I’ll just sum some things up.

Your grammar wasn’t nearly as bad as benjaminisden’s.
Your organization is too neat.
You listed actual features.
You didn’t lie enough.

Make it look more serious and it would be a funnier parody. Better luck next time.

You’re dumb, leave facepunch.

You’re wasting FP’s storage and traffic.

Sort of hypocritical?

DarkRP is terrible as it is, lets not make anything worst than that xD