Prewar Half-Life 2 Vehicles Props|637:358&composite-to=,|637:358&background-color=black[/T]

-A huge shout out to Rusty, who helped make this pack possible-

A collection of the default HL2 vehicles, restored to their intact, pre-7-hour-war state.

As usual, not drivable, and they never will be unless you do it your bloody self.

-GAZ 52
-RAF 2203

Workshop link:
Mediafire link for all you SFM/mapper people:

I don’t actually know how to make pretty threads, weh v.v


Now we can finally stop using the battered jalopies for everyday purposes.

Those are old screenshots. Did you fix the stuff like the opened doors in the third image?

Quick question for mapping purposes,

are these just compiled as prop_physics, or can they be used as prop_statics as well, so that they cast lightmap shadows and all that?

Compiled as $staticprop

Feel free to use them, just give credit in your description

Fighting the good fight.