Prewar shelter life

I doubt military were based in Vaults, if anything they were out getting nuked to anus.


In point lookout there’s a crashed plane with a black box recording. what plays suggests that all military was obliterated.

Why does that soldier have the obsolete T-4X power armor chassis and a state of the art T-51b power armor helmet? :science:

Nerdrage aside, I like it a lot. Nice posing. The only nitpick I have is that the black guy’s hand is limp for some reason.

because the only helmet model that i have is this :slight_smile:

I doubt soldiers were wasted on vaults, they [sp]Were experiements afterall.[/sp]

ok,imagine that it’s a new shelter and military guy inspecting it’s quality or smth else.

Switch on your imagination! :slight_smile:

Also niceself-agree

I like how the Robo-Brain is holding the the barrel he is sitting on. Nice pic.

Posing is pretty awesome, and the angle is nice.

Loose the black bars tho.