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pumping out great stuff like a motherfucker

It’s hard to see the dinosaur’s mouth on the left one.

But other than that good screenshot, just like the rest.

that’s awesome


I expected indians killing aliens with living guns and ghost magics.

Glad I’m not the only one.

Yep, im slightly disappointed.

Nice Screenshot though.

Nice pic, lovely lighting. Also, where’s that woman from?

Thanks! It’s Sonya from MK.

I assume the bow is too?

No. It’s not the bow from Nightwolf. It’s from
some sexy model from digitalero. Some elf-model.

You got really good at this. One of the few posers that actually manage to create original pictures that actually look really good and not some generic stuff. I really like your work, keep going!

The lighting looks fantastic!

I keep trying to see the rest of the picture but her cleavage keeps distracting me