Price and system requirements

Well, everything is simple - what will be the approximate price and what are the system requirements?

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I think, the price will be high enough

Due to the fact that the game will support community made scripts, it’s hard to really say what it the requirements will be.

I’m guessing the minimum requirements are likely going to be something along the lines of an i5 and a GTX 750TI or greater. Just a complete guess, but remember that’s only for the base game. It could require far more depending on the content you have on top.

The system requirements are likely to be like hl alyx

ОС: Windows 10
Processor: Core i5-7500 / Ryzen 5 1600
Ram: 12 GB
Videocard: GTX 1060 / RX 580 - 6GB VRAM

I don’t see the requirements being large at all for s&box.
The main point of performance will be how well the community makes their addons.
We already see this with gmod, it’s smooth and runs well when you’ve got no addons, but many servers can’t even go a minute without slowdowns

Half-Life: Alyx is a VR title, unless you’re running S&Box in VR mode the system requirements probably won’t be anywhere near as crazy.

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Garry said he wants to have the price similiar to gmod - around $5-$10.

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I hope so, the community would get so many new players if it’s affordable.

HL:A isnt the only Source 2 title, Underlords, Artifact and Dota 2 also share the engine.
The engine can run on intel’s Integrated graphics processors, but that would not be the same case for S&, it comes down to how garry does anything different to what valve has

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in terms of price i’ve been assuming around gmod. $10-$13 or so. graphically, i’d say a lower then rust - FP wouldn’t make a sandbox game similar to gmod incredibly resource intensive. mods will of course change how it plays but you certainly won’t be needing the newest or best pc.

Honestly even if it’s 30$ id still buy it.

Same, but don’t get any ideas garry

I’m not sure but if the game launches in Early Access the price would something like 19.99$ . After that probably the price would be similar to Rust’s price.

we are getting a framework and a game that allows us to make content, I would buy either way.

Garry said he wants to have the price similiar to gmod - around $5-$10.

Do you have any proof of this? Last I heard it was going to be significantly more expensive than Gmod. Granted this was for the now scrapped Unreal version though.

edit I replied to wrong person before my bad

I personally think that the price will be around $15 - $20, it would be the most optimal price really, not that cheap and not that pricey, even though I would personally hope for around $10 - $15, but the time will show us the price really.

System requirements will be of course different from Garry’s Mod, but they shouldn’t differ that much unless you would want to run s&box in VR mode, in which case the system requirements would be most likely the same like for HL:A, but even that is not for sure, so just wait for when FP will announce the system requirements for it really, that is the only thing we can currently do.

Garry puts in hard work, price that puppy @ $30+


Garry said it about sbox sometime back in discord - i got no proof tjo