Prices on Rust

Will it always be like starting at 240$ or will you sett the price to a normal price in like a half year or so?

I’m poor so i can’t afford even 20$ so i’m wondering if you will set the price down to a normal price such as 30-40$ like in 6 months?

Please don’t comment anything rude or negative or anything close to it.

i don’t think your gonna get a key for under 20$ for a while.

maybe 1 year lol

After a while, most likely.

Just wait till its out and the price will drop to like $13 over the months.

itll take a while to get it to $15 or $10 bucks.Alot of people buy it for $50.But I do agree,but cross your fingers ya know?

lol many guys say thats too high price etc im not buying it for game im buying and spending those 60$ just to help developers because i see potential in this game:)

Oh okay, give me your account then.

To be honest, I hope this game never drops that low in price - This game has a hell lot of potential if they’re keeping it on the road they’re on atm.

Rust is definitely one of the most addicting games i’ve played in a while and the amazing thing is, it is still in Alpha.

Hands down Pat, Helk and Garry.

argh i see that i didn’t explained it clearly i mean i just don’t care that i spent 60$ for alpha and i could have premium account for 4 months in other games i can even pay something also in the future for this game if devs will need money as long as i will see effects and progress i wont regret paying for it.

Get job. Mow lawn.

Get a job? Or if you already have one and happen to be over budget with your living expenses, there are other options. If you are actually willing to earn some extra cash, go door knocking. I bet there are atleast a couple of your neighbours willing to throw you some $$ for lawn mowing / helping them around the place.

I have this feeling that it’ll never get lower than 40. Ever. Not untill release… I also have a suspicion that it wont be 20 bucks when it launches… I’m sure time will tell, but with an average price of 50.53, its actually rose a few cents. It’s not going down guys… I hate it, but oh well… be vigilant, i suppose. That’s all a broke donkey folk like me can do… and yes i know there are those of you who got keys at lower than 40… but thats NOT what i mean… i mean the average will only increase, not decrease.

I’m not paying 40$ for this game max 35$, i only have 70£ ATM which i need.

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So you’re like rich?

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I guess in a few month’s the price will drop down to a minium of 30$ atleast in my opinion but i don’t know, maybe i’ll buy it on steam when they realese it there.

and i was right, yet again… it sold out long before 40 bucks. ah, i’ll catch it eventually. except… i have a suspicion that people are buying multiple keys just so the price doesn’t go down. i’d almost bet they are now…

The current Dutch auction system is a method of distributing keys while Rust is in development in a way that’s less open to abuse than just dropping keys on the Gold Members Forum or whatever. Remember what it was like two months ago? Yeah, this avoids that. You’re much less likely to fuck around and register 10 alts and try and sell them if you paid more than $20 for each one, and the Dutch auction system allows people to get keys if they really want them, by paying more than what others are willing to pay.

The game will be posted to Steam Greenlight when it’s actually ready, so I am sure this is not how it will be forever.

the hype will die down, and people who dont get them might move on… i think its risky.