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I have run a rust server for exactly one month now. I have been thinking of changing the dynamics of a server and converting it into something more primal. I’m sure this idea has been thought up and implemented numerous times and I’m not trying to come off like it is some type of massive revelation. With Oxide, Rust++, and other mods currently at my disposal, I feel as if there is new depth to the gameplay and that there are different “game modes” that could evolve from this.

This is my idea for a Primal Server. If you like my idea and would like to take part in this, Please add me on steam at:


Modifications: White-Listing, Door Sharing, Oxmin, Loot Spawn List, Kits, Crafting Controller

Restrictions: Metal Pillar, Metal Foundation, Metal Wall, Metal Doorway, Metal Window, Metal Window Bars, Metal Stairs, Metal Door, Metal Ramp, Metal Ceiling, Explosives, Explosive Charge, F1 Grenade, Supply Signal, 9mm Pistol, M4, Bolt Action Rifle, P250, Shotgun, MP5A4, Revolver.

Allowable Weapons: Hunting Bow, Pipe Shotgun (Higher Crafting Cost), Handcannon (Higher Crafting Cost). All ammunition aside from arrows would be at a much higher cost.

Housing: Wooden buildings would be at a higher crafting cost, so that people could not abuse the advantage of there being no explosives on the server.

White-listing: I realize this could be completely detrimental to popularity, but having a white-listed server would be one more step in preventing hackers, griefers, and other individuals who are detrimental to the server.

Starting Kit: Metal Hatchet, 2xBandage, 4xFood

The Reasoning: The game feels way too much like an FPS and less of a survival game. By reducing firepower and means to survive, it essentially will force players to band together. The server would be white-listed in an attempt to turn away hackers, as their presence could completely destroy that ideal. If doors are expensive and can be shared, it will entice people to work together in their ventures to survive. Raiding will be limited to groups of larger people (Or one diligent soul) to take down bases with hatchets. It will still provide a challenge to more veteran players and I believe would be more friendly towards new players starting out. With the pipe shotgun and handcannon as your premier weapons, there is less of a gap between those who have been on the server awhile and those starting out.

I appreciate any feedback you have, and I would like for you to add me on steam if you think it is a good idea and would like to talk further to make it happen.

If there is anything completely moronic that you’d like to point out, please do.

If there is anything you could think of to further enhance the experience, please do.

I would love to play on this.

I was starting to feel like the only one.

I dunno, there are plenty of shoot em up servers.

I just want something primal and team oriented.

Like I said, I’m open to talking to anyone on steam.

If we get enough support, we may configure and convert.

So if you do like the idea (which might have some tweaking) please add me.

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I’d like negative or positive feedback if anyone has any.


Hey IgbL.

This server would be great fun i think.

If i may come with some feedback, i think i could be cool to keep the Metal Door in-game with double crafting cost, and F1 nades with double crafting cost.

Also metal bars for windows as it wouldnt be game-breaking in any way, and accualy make windows useable.

If you want to keep the game primal, in all way, make the revolver (and maybe bolt action in-game to) but double the crafting on all fire-arms or just make it insanely hard to find. - and remove the research kit.

Do some thoughts about kevlar aswell, or maybe remove it.

Just my thoughts. I would then play on the server.
Sounds like great fun :slight_smile:

Best Regards

I like the idea, but without metal bars in windows it’ll just be like every other server where someone can build stairs and jump in through the window. And without metal doors I see anyone who doesn’t have a massive stash of wood to make an über fortress getting raided without mercy.

I like the idea, but if you take most of the things that need metal out of the game, then half of the resource-gathering portion is useless. People will be sitting around with hundreds of metal fragments and sulfur with nothing to do with them.


I agree.
Thats why i vote for the metal doors, metal bars and F1 nades. :slight_smile:

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I dont think it would be that big of an issue if you keep the rural weapons in place + you bonk up the cost on ammunitions. :slight_smile: + people hunt what they need, in this case, wood. :slight_smile:

I like the idea of the metal bars. I didn’t even think of that. I was just writing off metal.

Only problem I have with metal doors, it sort of makes explosives a necessity. Only thing I could think of is to make the metal door stupid hard to get. I was moreso thinking that ammunition would be the major cost.

Once again, this is all theorizing right now.

So if I go through with this, metal bars are definitely in to keep windows safe.

I want all houses to be able to broken into with either enough people or enough diligence.

This is good.

Please, I implore you to voice your opinions on this.

I’ve had a few people add me on steam in regards to this, so it seems that it must pique at least a little bit of interest, which is very promising. I’m starting to configure this on my break, so this is a very opportune time to give any type of suggestions and feedback.

Yea i agree igbL. But if you keep F1 nades in-game, it would still be possible to raid metal doors. But you have to have alot of nades/people or good time on your hand, this why no one is total safe, but you have time to defend your home if people show up with nades. :slight_smile:

The other thing about a game with only wood doors is, that people with pickaxes will have a far to easy time raiding, like people with lots of C4 in games right now. you will only switch C4 out with pickaxes. And i dont think thats what you are going for.

And you need about 11-12 F1’s to break down a metal door. If you want to prevent people running about with 50 F1 nades. bonk up the cost :wink: you are the admin. :slight_smile:

Nades aren’t a bad idea. Not as powerful, a bit more clumsy.

Bump up the cost of doors and nades…It’s going to be a huge balancing act and will probably be clumsy or broken at first. But that isn’t a bad idea either. I want to make defense hard to get, but weaponry harder…Want to balance teams out so that raiding and safehouses could only really be accomplished by larger teams.

How do you control the costs of crafting items?

I run a very similar server and restrict military weapons. However, I don’t completely ban them, just make them very rare using crafting controller and loot lists from Oxmod. I like the idea of there being powerful weapons but only if they are very rare. For example, currently there is only one shotgun on the entire server. Someone got it from an airdrop and was then a marked man because once people knew he had it they all hunted him to get it.

We are in the process of removing C4 form airdrops and making Explosives (required ingredient for C4) drop rarely from zombies and loot chests and then making C4 craftable again.

This will mean that a group of players working together will be able to raid bases but it will have to be well planned and organized. This makes it a little less crazy than playing on a server where raids happen all the time but doesn’t completely eliminate the risk of being raided so people still have motivation to build secure bases.

I like that dynamic too. You have a shotgun, which you could probably win a 1v1, but if it is one of the rarest items in the game, you’re marked.

I dunno, I’m still torn between metal buildings and no metal buildings. Do you really think it would be that easy to raid a decent sized wooden based just with melee weapons?

I want raids to have to be calculated and well orchestrated. As opposed to people shooting everyone they see, maybe actually have to stop to see if they can team up because going rogue isn’t necessarily an option.

A wood only base (including doors) could be easily raided by a single person with a pickaxe.

It takes about 5 minutes per wooden door to break it down.

With even just 3 or 4 people raiding, you could be in a base with 10 doors between you and the goodies in 15-20 minutes.

Now if it’s actively defended it would probably be hard, if not impossible to raid a base with only melee weapons because you wouldn’t have enough time to hack at the doors between the defenders spawning and attacking you.

So, although I think you have the generally right idea, what you’d end up with is people only raiding bases while their owners were offline and no one raiding defended bases.

Right, and I appreciate the adversity.

I’m trying my best to prove any theories wrong so that we can adapt to that. But also, how difficult are barricades and gates to take down for wood?

I want to avoid metal, but if it is impossible, so be it.

Just trying to get arguments for and against and gauging sacrifices.

Primarily objective is still server cohesiveness and warring factions. Large scale battles with primitive weaponry. Looking for bases that are difficult to raid solo, and still challenging with a group.

Thanks for everything thus far, I do appreciate it.

if you included metal doors but excluded C4, bases would be completely impossible to raid (unless the person who built their base made some sort of glaring flaw).

if you excluded metal doors, all bases would be extremely easy to raid by anyone at all (except for “suicide bases” which would remain completely unraidable).

there’s no easy solution to this problem right now. we have to wait for the developers to… well… continue developing the game. if i had to choose, though, i’d say go with no metal doors, and just see how it pans out. as it is we’ve got 7,000 servers WITH metal doors. why not try one without them?


That is the point that I keep going with as well. One server out of that many without metal doors. If they don’t like it, always other ones. Not to turn away traffic, but I’m not trying to do this thinking I’m going to be some type of success story, I’m doing it to switch the game dynamics up a bit, and hopefully will spur something a bit closer to what we envisioned.

I’ve had my house survive completely unraided on a populated server for about 5-6 days just from keeping it out of sight.

Maybe it can spur a bit of creativity out of necessity and desperation :3

barricades and spike walls decay very rapidly. Also, because they are not attached to any structure (each one is it’s one structure) they never get updated by the decay timer.

Decay works like this:
A timer starts after a structure has been updated (built on) so after you place your last piece on your base, the timer begins. It’s higher for metal structures, lower for wooden and even lower for barricades and structures that don’t require a foundation.

Once the timer counts down, the structure begins to decay starting from the top most pieces.

I make this easier by putting a couple pillars on top of my base. When I see that they are gone (thus have completely decayed) I repair any decay to the lower layer and add them back. This gives me a quick visual about the decay of my base and makes it so I don’t have to run around constantly repairing so my roof doesn’t disappear.

I tried a base surrounded by spike walls and barricades but the upkeep just got too ridiculous. I had to repair the entire perimeter every 24 hours.

good info, pieman. it makes me wonder: is it possible to alter decay rates (or toggle the decay function) of various building components using any of the mod functionalities currently available? could you also alter the health values of each of them, so that wooden doors take longer to destroy?

If not yet, it could in the future.

I think the major argument right now is whether or not metal should be allowed at all. On one hand, we’d be one of the few servers without metal buildings.

It does leave people more vulnerable to pickaxe and hatchet attacks, it allows completely eliminates the need for explosives.

This is a good back and forth.

This is going to be difficult finding a balance. It’s really becoming an argument to completely remove metal buildings, or have them be set at astronomical prices so that these types of items are actually valuable.

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I also like the idea of no research kits.

People might not like the idea, but if someone picks up a blueprint at a spawn and is one of the few people on the server to have the ability to craft certain things, their importance as inflated.

I don’t know.