prime varia suit samus, and a gunship, 3D models. just need someone to rig it for gmod, download link included.

hello, I am quite new to this site, i just registered today for the soul purpose for this request. hopefully this will not be the last time i would use this site. c:
I have found out that someone from deviantart managed to rip samus’s varia suit featured in metroid prime 2 and 3 from the game into a 3D program, gave it a reskin so it would have both the gravity suit and the phazon suit look to it, got samus’s gunship from metroid prime 2, and then made it available for download so anyone can use it in their own 3D program. I said to myself, i cannot lay this opportunity go to waste, and asked permission if i could request his files to be created for Garry’s mod use. he approved it, and now i am here.
heres what they look like so far:

here is the page where you can download the files, just read the description:

if you are willing to make this available for garry’s mod, then please credit the uploader, “Myth-P” for having these models.

now, i do remember that someone have already created a ragdoll for the prime varia suit, but for some reason, the model does not work anymore, so i hope making this request to make these models can help with the lack of this particular version of samus.
thank you, and I will be looking forward to your responses.

Try here:

you sure he would want to work on something thats already been made? since it seems that he wants to work on things by scratch. I’ll try though.


This is not the section for this, make a thread in modeling about this.

oh… thanks. sorry for that mistake… i just made the thread in modeling.

Sorry for redirecting you to the Wrong place before, I never do/go in modeling.

Ok it seems that there are two versions of the program, PMDeditor and PMXeditor while there’s an (partially) english translation for PMDeditor, there is none for PMXeditor (afaik).
.pmd might only be a newer version of the .pmx format, but straight import with some renaming and hex editing of the header seems not possible.

So you’ll have to use both programs to do: pmx>>pmd>>x conversion or try pmx>>pmd>>blender import.

TBH i don’t think it’s worth the effort since there allready are ripped models of the suit available in more common file formats.