Server Info:
net.connect (type into F1 console)
Server Name: Primevil.PvP|Wipe02/02|ActiveAdmins|Starter|ArenaRewards|1/2Craft|NOOBfriendly|

Help us get started! first 30 people in server will get a founders kit setup!

We have a great group of admins here who do not abuse their power and will not spawn items for themselves or others! we like to play legit, will help out at every chance, are very active.We do not stand for hackers, they will be banned as soon as possible, we ban on proof not hear say, by watching and doing our jobs. If you see a hacker or suspect call an admin in chat and we will take care of it!

Some features on our server:
-Ownership- gives you the ability to knock out your own misplaced building pieces like pillars and foundations, no more un-fixable mistakes!

-Arena Events- We have built a Great arena for some fun PvP style events with loot rewards to the winners! will be held minimum once a day!

-More Balanced Loot tables- Edited Drops from zombies and boxes give out more balanced drops

-Starter kit- type “/kit starter” in game and you’ll have a little bit more help then just a rock to get started!

-1/2 Craft- Speed up your build time so your not standing around so much.

-Airdrops- Minimum of 1 drop per day and occasional night drops!

Make this your home server!