Prince Of Perisa Model[Details Inside]

Hi everyone.
I’d really appreciate if someone could port a model(ragdoll) of a prince from Prince of Persia.
The best option would be the last version of the prince ,but any one would be good, you choose.(If you could port all the options would be fantastic)

Option 1:
Sands Of Time

Option 2:
Warrior Within

Option 3:
The 2 Thrones

Option 4(Favourite One):
Prince Of Persia(2008)

Thanks a lot.

Coulda sworn someone did the Warrior Within one.
Dunno where it is though.
The last one sucked though.
Too Goofy’ lookin’.
Other than that, absolutely support this.

He never finished, it was in a wip thread, I think he posted the models for someone to rig or something.